Why You Should Hire a Gelato Cart for Your Wedding

Oct 1, 2019Weddings

 Looking for a fun – and yummy- twist to your wedding reception? Been to one too many candy bars and want to do something new and unique? Change it up by hiring a Vintage Gelato Cart for your wedding. You can even use the candy bar idea and just kick it up a notch by serving Italian gelato ice cream!

why Should you Hire a Gelato Cart For Your Wedding?

It’s Unique

Having a professional serve your guests Italian gelato from a Vintage Gelato Cart is truly a unique experience. Your guests won’t soon forget the tasty treats from your wedding. And those who are already married will be wishing they had thought of it first.

It’s Versatile

You can choose to hire a Vintage Gelato Cart for cocktails or late night reception. Whether you need to keep guests occupied during your photo session or want to compliment your late night sweet table, it’s a perfect dessert option to enhance your day.

It Makes for Great Photos

Guests will love taking pictures with our Vintage Gelato Cart. You can even enhance their experience by renting a backdrop featuring the streets of Italy to display behind the cart and even rent our cast-iron patio set for guests to sit and enjoy their delectable dessert in style.

It’s Perfect All Year Round

Of course, guests love a refreshing treat in the heat of the summer. But we can also set up our Vintage Gelato Cart indoors so guests can enjoy their tasty treat away from the cold (perhaps, next to a cozy fireplace).

It’s Easy to Set Up

You don’t have to lift a finger. Our team handles everything from set up to take down, service, and clean up. You just sit back and enjoy the wonderful memories that are made on this very special day.

Learn more about TJ Cloud Nine’s Elite Vintage Gelato Cart by clicking the link below.