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Why You Still Need a Travel Agent

With today's technology, booking your vacation online is quick and easy. You can read online reviews and compare pricing across different carriers and locations. Many travelers wonder, what do I even need a travel agent? Let's discuss the top reasons of Why You Still...

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How to Hire the Right Limo Company for Your Wedding

Every wedding couple should make a grand entrance on time and with class, in a luxurious limousine. As stressful as it's been leading up to the BIG DAY, the day itself should be stress free, and having a chauffeur escort you around in a luxurious limousine is...

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A Night to Remember

Picture this... Your wedding day has finally arrived. You’ve walked down the aisle, said your vows and smiled for the camera enough to make your cheeks hurt. Dinner has been served, the most heartfelt speeches have been shared and your first dance was everything you...

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How Does Your Business Say Thank You?

When Was the Last Time You Said Thank You?That's alright... take a moment to think about it. Think about your employees, your clients and even your family. Those two little words "Thank You" can mean so much, but are often left unsaid. Take time this holiday season to...

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Hiring a Photographer?

What you think you're paying for: Someone who can take photos What you're actually paying for: Someone who can create images that will meet your requirements Plus... Camera equipment Lighting equipment Computer equipment Image Editing Software Hundreds of hours of...

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Artist of the Month: Neena Rose

Who is Neena Rose? At only 16 year's old, Neena Rose of Hamilton, Ontario has been called an "amazing young talent, incredible vocalist and witty lyricist" by 80 Empire of Universal Music Publishing Group, who produced and co-wrote songs for Neena's soon...

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