How Does Your Business Say Thank You?

Nov 1, 2018Promotional & Apparel

When Was the Last Time You Said Thank You?

That’s alright… take a moment to think about it. Think about your employees, your clients and even your family. Those two little words “Thank You” can mean so much, but are often left unsaid. Take time this holiday season to thank the people in your life who have helped shape who you are. Not just as a person, but as a business owner & mentor.

Below we list some gift ideas to help get you started… 

Holiday Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets are a perfect gift for the entire office to share. And who doesn’t love a little afternoon (or morning) snack? Gourmet Gift Baskets can include chocolates, popcorn, truffles, coffee, cookies, candies and more. While they do make a wonderful Christmas gift, they can also be used year round to celebrate special milestones like a business opening, birthdays, retirements, product launch, and any other special occasion you want to celebrate.

Custom Apparel

Custom apparel with your branding is a great gift to show your appreciation to both clients and employees. From custom hats, t-shirts, sweaters and jackets, we can help source custom apparel that they are sure to love. 

Personalized Greeting Card

As much as we love receiving gifts, sometimes a simple handwritten note is the best gift. I’m not talking about the simple act of signing your name and sticking a card in the mail. I’m talking about you taking time out of your day to write a heartfelt thank you (at least 4 sentences) outlining what the individual or company has done that makes your life better. Personalized messages are so much more meaningful than a few tasty snacks and shows your genuine appreciation.