DJ Included: Why That Might Not Be a Good Thing

Dec 1, 2019Weddings

 You’ve booked the venue and they tell you the DJ is included in the wedding package.

What?! That’s amazing!! One big item off your list and it will save you lots of money!

Well… let’s think this through…

The type of DJ that’s going to be “included in your package” is most likely a part-timer looking for gigs on the side. He has a day job (most likely working AT the venue), and is looking to make some quick cash. The venue will pay this type of DJ an average of $250 per gig. Which means, their pocketing the difference.

When it comes to music selection and finalizing the agenda for the evening… do you even get a say? Or does he have a standard plug & play he uses for every wedding? You might as well take your chances with a Kijiji DJ.

Your Venue’s Focus Should Be on…

…food and quality of service. That’s where they excel. Let the professionals handle the entertainment.  

the dj’s purpose

Your DJ is responsible for the energy and vibe throughout the entire evening. You need to make sure he can read your crowd and play the songs YOU ASKED FOR that will get your guests on the dance floor and keep them there. Professional DJs don’t just hit PLAY, they do the house rules, announce your grand entrance, speeches, take requests and mix live.

Don’t get caught up in the savings… make sure you hire a professional. 

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