How to Offer Gelato at Your Restaurant or Retail Business

February 1, 2022 |
Gelato Display Case in Cafe

Are you looking to add a unique dessert option to your restaurant or retail space? Two words: Italian Gelato.

Think of the last time you looked at a dessert menu – what were the options? Most likely you were presented with the classic choices like chocolate cake or cheesecake, crème brûlée or apple pie. While each of them are delicious, those sweets can be found anywhere.

As a Business Owner in hospitality, you are always looking for a “wow” factor that gets customers talking, their taste buds going, and keeps them coming back for more. TJ Cloud Nine provides everything you need to add delicious, Italian gelato to your establishment in 2022. While other companies have shied away from hospitality business during the Covid-19 pandemic, we believe there’s never been a better opportunity to invest in the “wow” factor.

Why gelato?

When it comes to frozen desserts, gelato and ice cream are two of the most popular options. While ice cream is easily accessible in grocery stores, restaurants and patios, gelato is much rarer to come by – making people excited to try it when they have a chance! Gelato can help complete your menu and help your business tap into a new target market.

These days, consumers are looking for organic, sustainable, locally made products when making their buying decisions. TJ Cloud Nine brings you handcrafted Italian gelato (with over 51 flavours to choose from), so your business is always stocked with the highest-quality gelato possible. Plus, customers will feel as though they are roaming the streets of Italy.

Another benefit of gelato is that it’s known to be a healthier dessert alternative. Since it’s made with less cream and egg yolks, the fat content is much lower than its fellow frozen treats. As the world becomes more health and quality-focused, gelato can be a great addition or swap to your current dessert menu. It’s also much silkier, denser, and more filling than ice cream – needless to say, gelato is the clear winner.

How to get started with gelato equipment rentals

Now that we’ve sold you on why gelato is awesome (although let’s be honest, we probably didn’t need to!), let’s dive into equipment rentals.

TJ Cloud Nine offers flexible gelato equipment rentals for a range of hospitality businesses. Whether you operate a restaurant, banquet hall, arena, or store, we’ll help you choose a rental solution that best suits your needs. Our gelato display cases come in a variety of pan sizes and heights. Check out the full rental selection here.

In any business venture, it’s important to test the waters before diving right in. That’s why our rental equipment starts with a monthly or 12-month agreement, allowing you to try out the equipment.

Reliable equipment for your establishment is a must. Our rental equipment is top of the line and includes a full warranty for the duration of the rental. Not from the GTA area? No problem, we offer Canada-wide shipping and servicing.

If you’re looking to serve up an authentic Italian experience for your customers, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for more information about our turnkey gelato opportunities.