Gelato vs Ice Cream: Who’s Really the King of the Frozen Castle

Jan 1, 2020Gelato

Ice cream has come a long way since Roman times when ice was collected, crushed, and topped with honey, nuts, and fruit to create frozen treats fit for an emperor.

Before advancements in refrigeration, ice was cut from lakes and kept in chambers or underground cellars, often insulated between layers of straw or sawdust.

It would stay frozen until it was needed, providing a ready supply of ice throughout the winter and summer months.

Today we have the luxury of enjoying our frozen delicacies without all the additional labour, and lucky for us Italians elevated the average run of the mill ice cream with the introduction of gelato culture in the 19th century.

So… what exactly is the difference between ice cream and gelato?

Italian Gelato

Italian gelato, which translates to “ frozen”, begins its process much the same as ice cream, yet gelato is churned with milk instead of heavy cream at a much slower rate with a lower overrun, which simply means that there’s a higher proportion of milk added to the mixture with less air.

This results in a much denser final product, with a greater flavour intensity.

Ice Cream

When ice cream is made, there’s typically a high percentage of fat due to the cream, egg yolk, and sugar content. These fats can actually inhibit our taste buds and dull flavour nuances. To add insult to injury, many popular ice cream brands often contain less than desirable ingredients, additives like guar gum, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavours.

Gelato on the other hand doesn’t include these added extras and has a much lower fat content.

Benefits of Gelato

Traditionally served at a warmer temperature than ice cream, the palate isn’t numbed by the cold and the gelato’s subtle flavours are free to emerge. Although a number of gelato recipes do call for sugar, it appeals to all kinds of dessert connoisseurs with a diverse range of vegan and dairy-free options. It can also be produced with either a water or rice milk base, and is generally considered a much healthier option.

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Written by Adrienne Roman