Vinyl Dance Floors

Transforming your ordinary dance floor into a masterpiece.
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Vinyl Wedding & Event Dance Floor Wraps

There are a number of phenomenal looks for custom dance floors. Whether you prefer to follow a specific colour theme or use a playful image as your dance floor monogram, Lavish Vinyl Wraps is here to transform the entire appearance of your next event with a custom dance floor wrap.

Delivery & Installation Included PLUS… we provide an under liner protector to help protect the venue’s floors so no sticky residue is left behind.

One Colour Vinyl Floor Wrap for Wedding

One Colour Wraps

Colour Vinyl Floor Wrap

Full Colour Wraps

Create the ultimate dance floor experience.
Wedding, Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Christmas Parties, and more!
Available in a variety of sizes and options.

Lavish Vinyl Wraps

For more information, please visit our dedicated website or contact TJ Cloud Nine directly.